From Left: Dr. Ameen Saati, Mr. Feroz Agad, Dr. Fatima Al-Beloushi, Mr. Haji Agad, Dr. Aysha Buaneq, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hussaini

Manama, Bahrain – January 25, 2012 – The Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Bahrain and SAH Global have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to make cutting edge proton therapy cancer treatment available to Bahraini cancer patients. SAH Global is currently in the process of constructing a network of proton therapy centers in the Middle East. The Ministry of Health will refer patients to SAH Care – the international medical services subsidiary of SAH Global, which currently coordinates and arranges treatment in its global network of proton therapy centers.

Proton therapy is one of the most advanced forms of cancer treatment available today. It provides a higher quality of life and has fewer side effects than conventional radiation therapy and is highly effective in treating tumors, especially in the prostate, breast, lung, spinal cord, brain, eye, head and neck and at the base of the skull.

Dr. Aysha Buaneq, the Undersecretary to the Ministry of Health, who signed the MOU on behalf of the Ministry of Health said: “The Ministry of Health will select cancer patients eligible for proton therapy and will take the necessary steps to acquaint oncologists in the Kingdom with this advanced form of cancer treatment, including holding training workshops for doctors.” The MOU provides that SAH Global will organize such workshops in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Fatima Al-Beloushi, Minister of Human Rights and Social Development and Acting Minister of Health said: “the signing of this MOU is an invaluable step forward and I hope that this service will be a positive contribution to the lives of cancer sufferers.”

Dr. Ameen Al-Saati, Assistant Undersecretary for Hospitals reiterated that the “Ministry is committed to coordinating with all stakeholders to ensure that Bahraini patients who are eligible for proton therapy are treated expeditiously.”

SAH Global’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Feroz Agad said, “We commend Dr. Fatima AlBeloushi and the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Bahrain for their visionary leadership and commitment to provide Bahraini citizens with the most advanced form of cancer treatment available today. We look forward to providing our services and excellence in care to the citizens of Bahrain and are excited by the prospect of building one of our planned satellite proton therapy centers in Bahrain in the near future so that patients will not have to travel abroad.”

SAH Global is pioneering proton therapy treatment in the MENA region. It was the first company in the Middle East to be awarded a license to own and operate a proton therapy center in the State of Qatar and is in discussions with governments and potential local partners to build a network of proton therapy centres in the MENA region and beyond.  The proton therapy centers will focus on treatment, research, development and training. SAH Care arranges and coordinates end-to-end treatment at preferential rates through its network of partner proton therapy centres around the world. SAH care is able to deliver significant cost savings and can reduce waiting times (which can otherwise exceed three months in many cases) to only a few weeks for patients throughout the Gulf region and beyond. It is expected that SAH Care’s quality of service will be further enhanced upon completion of SAH Global’s proton therapy center in Doha.

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