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To meet the growing need for qualified clinical staff in proton therapy centers

SAH Global provides comprehensive training and education programs covering clinical practices and applications of proton therapy

World–renowned team of experts

Most advanced facilities in the world

Customized training and education programs

SAH Training & Education

SAH provides training and educational services in several proton centers in the U.S. to physicians, therapists, dosimetrists, physicists, technologists and other healthcare professionals in the field of proton therapy and PET & molecular imaging. We offer U.S.-based certification and partnerships with U.S.-based institutions to provide your staff with the latest and greatest experience. Our team can customize the training and educational programs to best suit your needs.

Our programs are a combination of web-based, in-class, and on-hands training, depending on your needs. We offer programs that train healthcare professionals in a variety of fields and skill sets necessary to staff a Proton Therapy center or a PET & Molecular Imaging Center, including oncology nursing, medical physics, medical dosimetry, nuclear medicine and biomedical engineering. Whether it’s a fellowship for your physicians or if it’s training on Proton Therapy for your accounting staff – let the experience of SAH Training & Education work for you!

Other programs offered by our Training & Education division

  • Healthcare lecture series, which bring world-renowned lecturers in healthcare to deliver focused learning to medical professionals from around the region.
  • A cancer and bio-medicine program that encompasses imaging technology and radiation treatment.
  • A daily therapy and counseling program that trains a class of counselors to help patients and their families, as they cope with cancer and consider treatment alternatives.
  • A healthcare policy and management institute that addresses global issues, including bioethics, workplace safety, resource utilization, patient focus, technology, research and development.

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