Treatment Abroad

A 5 star end-to-end solution for your medical treatment abroad

Every patient deserves to be treated with the utmost care and respect, paying special attention to their emotional, cultural and religious needs. This is a type of conscientiousness that money can’t always buy.

Why SAH Care


Collectively our team has over 100 man-years of “hands-on” clinical proton therapy experience.

Knowledge of MENA Region

Knowledge of the MENA region, with sensitivity to the culture, religion, language and excellence of the peoples of the Middle East. We have been actively working with the Ministries of Health, hospitals and local oncologists of Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Oman in our endeavors to bring this therapy to the region. Additionally, we have treated with proton therapy some of the most complex cases ever treated, with successful results. Many of these cases were not able to be treated at other U.S. facilities because of a lack of sufficient technical and clinical expertise.

Reduced Costs

Reduction in costs to Government in the provision of these services. We are aware of the charges by other US academic facilities and we have priced our services to reflect more reasonable rates, often saving the Ministries of Health 50% or more over current rates. We are able to do this because we control the vertical integration of services in our facility and are an efficient, small, but scalable group.



We pride ourselves on communication with our referring doctors and the patients themselves. Having practiced in academic institutions in the U.S. for over 25 years, our physicians recognize and respect the research climate. However, one aspect of patient care that often falls short is communication with referring physicians, even among our U.S. colleagues. Our group of physicians has worked together for an average of 10 years performing proton therapy, and we cherish our patients and referring physicians.


Follow-up care

Our physicians currently come to the MENA region twice a year to meet with patients and treating physicians for follow-up. We have full-time local SAH representatives who regularly contact hospitals to collect records and images to facilitate referrals and follow-up. Because follow-up care is critical for cancer patients, we strive to assist your local physicians to provide this level of service

Comprehensive Services

Journey Planning

We can help arrange and organize all aspects of your journey. Whether it’s booking tickets or helping to coordinate ground transportation, our staff can ensure that you are met with concierge-level arrangements for all aspects of your journey.


We have negotiated rates with many hotels in the area and we can provide furnished apartments based on patient and family requirements.

Language Services

Being able to communicate comfortably with your physician is of the highest importance. This is why we employ interpreters to ensure you receive the highest level of care.

Patient Testimonials

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