Manama, Bahrain – May 24, 2014 –  The Bahrain Specialist Hospital has become the first private hospital in the Kingdom of Bahrain to host a symposium on Proton Therapy in cancer treatment in collaboration with US-based leaders in Proton Therapy, SAH Global.

The symposium was presented by Dr. Allan Thornton, a world-renowned physician with over 24 years experience in proton therapy and an expert in head, neck and brain tumors. Dr. Thornton has served thousands of patients across the world at renowned facilities such as Harvard University (Massachusetts General Hospital) and the Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute (MPRI), where he served as founding medical director. Dr. Thornton currently serves as Radiation Oncologist at the world’s largest Proton Therapy center in Hampton, Virginia. The symposium was a follow-up on a visit made in May by Bahrain Specialist Hospital’s CEO Dr. Kasim Ardati and Board Member Dr. Najah Al Zayyani to the Proton Therapy center in Virginia, USA.

The symposium highlighted the key differences between various treatment modalities in treating cancer and its clinical effectiveness. Proton Therapy is the most advanced form of cancer treatment available today. With a success rate of up to 96%, this form of radiotherapy is unique in its accuracy and its heightened ability to avoid damage to healthy cells or tissues during the treatment. Whereas conventional radiotherapy might cause unacceptable levels of damage to surroundings tissues, the rays of proton therapy scatter less easily and therefore are minimally invasive to the patient. This provides a better quality of life for cancer patients and provides reduced post-treatment complications that are common with more traditional options.

Dr. Kasim Ardati, CEO of the BSH commented, “The BSH continues to educate its doctors and staff on the latest technologies and treatments so we can recommend the best treatment modalities available for our patients. We look forward to working with SAH Global to collaborate and provide this treatment to our patients.”

Dr. Allan Thornton, Chief Medical Officer for SAH Global stated, “I am sincerely privileged to be able to offer Proton Therapy Oncology Services to the BSH. The collaboration between SAH Global and BSH has been a fruitful one, allowing United States physicians at Hampton Proton Therapy Institute in Virginia to effectively coordinate proton radiation oncology services with their physician colleagues in Bahrain.”

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