Washington, DC – October 24, 2013 – Her Excellency Ambassador Houda Erza Nonoo received today the Chairman, Mr. Feroz Agad and members of the Executive team of SAH Global. SAH Global’s subsidiary, SAH Care coordinates end-to-end cancer treatment for Bahraini citizens and residents. Since signing of a landmark Memorandum of Understanding in 2012, SAH Care has treated many Bahraini patients suffering from cancer at its partner facility the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute in Hampton, Virginia. Among the delegation was Dr. Allan Thornton, a Radiation Oncologist from Hampton, Virginia, who is an expert in head, neck and brain tumors as well as a nationally recognized expert in proton therapy. Additionally, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hussaini, Regional Director for SAH Care and Mr. Faique Sayeed, Chief Operating Officer and Board Member for SAH Global were part of the delegation.

The delegation discussed with Her Excellency, the benefits of Proton Therapy in the fight against cancer. Proton Therapy was pioneered in the United States 30 years ago and to date has been used for treatment on over 70,000 patients. Proton Therapy allows for higher doses of radiation to be used to control and manage cancer while significantly reducing damage to healthy tissue and vital organs.  The result is a higher quality of life and higher success rate than is currently offered by traditional radiation therapy.

The delegation also discussed the process patients go through from Bahrain, and the high-level of service they received while being treated at the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute. SAH Care is able to deliver significant cost savings to the Ministry of Health of Bahrain and can reduce waiting times (which can otherwise exceed three months in many cases) to only a few weeks for patients throughout the Gulf region and beyond.

Her Excellency Ambassador Houda Erza Nonoo was pleased with the end-to-end services the SAH team is providing to the patients from Bahrain. Additionally, Dr. Allan Thornton described the yearly follow-up clinics he has been performing in Bahrain to see the patients in Manama. The Ambassador remarked, “The level of service SAH provides is unparalleled. I am pleased to see the level of care of the physicians provide in that they travel to Bahrain to ensure complete and accurate follow-up care. These clinics are done in conjunction with local physicians in Bahrain. This level of collaboration and care is critical to our citizens suffering from cancer. “

Feroz Agad, Chairman and CEO of SAH Global said, “We commend the Kingdom of Bahrain for the commitment to provide for its citizens with the best treatment in medical practice today. We are honored to be serving the Kingdom of Bahrain and working with the great team at the Ministry of Health and the Embassy of Bahrain.”  SAH Global is pioneering Proton Therapy treatment in the MENA region and is planning to establish a network of centers in the Middle East.

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