SAH experts were key presenters at the world’s leading oncology conference, the Muscat International Oncology & 4th Oman Cancer Association Conference, held in collaboration with the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control, the Indian Co-operative Oncology Network and the University of Nebraska, U.S.  SAH Global Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Allan Thornton, was a keynote speaker and SAH Global lead nuclear medicine technologist, Laura Schneirla, was a featured presenter in the Day One General Oncology session.

The conference is considered one of the foremost gatherings of cancer specialists in the world, and attracts influential physicians, scientists and pioneers in revolutionary cancer fighting technologies. Wide ranging discussions examine the state of different types of cancer around the UAE region, the role of technology in improving detection, diagnosis and treatment of the disease, and the importance of improving patient care. Sessions included detailed presentations on medical physics, immunotherapy, the effectiveness of advanced Proton Therapy, and cancers including thyroid, breast, lung, and GI malignancies.

SAH Global Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Thornton, presented one of the two keynote addresses on opening day, updating attendees on advances in Proton Therapy and its effectiveness in targeting complex cancers. He is considered to be one the world’s best cancer physicians  and a global leader in the research and development of proton therapy. Dr. Thornton is sought after by hospitals around the world for his expertise in highly complex clinical cancer cases.

SAH Global lead nuclear medicine technologist Laura Schneirla presented during the first day’s general oncology session, discussing “Controversies and Challenges in PET/CT”.  Ms. Schneirla is a Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist, one of only 12 to graduate from the highly selective University of Alabama Birmingham program and a qualified PET/CT Technologist. She has extensive experience developing policies and procedures for Nuclear Medicine Departments, including PET/CT, Cardiac Nuclear Imaging and general Nuclear Medicine Imaging and ensuring that National Radiation standards are followed.

SAH Global participation in the conference highlights its role in providing technology that will play a role in advancing oncology practice and the treatment of complex cancers in the coming decades.

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