Dubai, UAE – January 31st, 2017 – Strategic Alliance Holdings Global, LLC (“SAH Global”) led the first ever Oncology Conference presented at the 2017 Arab Health Congress, the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the MENA region.

The inaugural Oncology Conference focused on advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of cancers and brought together practicing oncology specialists, nurses and radiologists from across the globe. Discussions focused on the most important regional cancer issues, new radiation technologies, real life case assessments, and proven treatment methodologies. The conference also providing continuing professional development accreditations (CMEs) and the opportunity to share information on global research issues.

In its leadership role, SAH presented two world renowned oncologists as keynote speakers who discussed game-changing advances in cancer treatment.  Allan Thornton, MD,  SAH Radiation Oncologist Specialist and previous Medical Director for the Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute, presented on the future of proton therapy and its use as a highly effective oncology treatment.  Andrew Chang, MD, SAH Chief of Paediatric Radiation Oncology, presented on the future of pediatric Proton Therapy and the benefits of Proton Therapy for breast cancer. Dr. Thornton also served as co-chair of the  scientific committee for the conference.

Key sessions at the Oncology Conference included:

  • State of the art radiation therapy
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Neurooncology
  • Women’s oncology
  • Gastroenterology oncology
  • Case assessment and 2nd opinion

Dr. Thornton and Dr. Chang, along with other SAH experts, also presented four sessions across the four days of the Arab Health exhibition. Topics included Proton Therapy Clinical Indications,  Proton Therapy Treatment Planning, and Optimizing Patient Outcome Tracking and Workflow Optimization.

SAH Global continues its efforts to meet the growing global demand for specialized cancer care. Its leadership at the Congress supports the company’s goal of providing the most economical and efficient cancer treatment in the world today, with the mission of providing a better quality of life for cancer survivors.

About SAH Global
SAH Global’s vision is commitment to the introduction of Proton Therapy as one of the primary solutions for cancer treatment in the Middle East and around the World.  SAH Global believes in building a strong sustainable society, and as such, will leverage the success of its global ventures to make long-term contributions to the community, promote the growth of their employees, and help create a greener environment. For more information about SAH Global and Proton Therapy please contact [email protected]

About SAH Care
SAH Care, a subsidiary of SAH Global, was formed to fill a niche-underserved market.  SAH Care is committed to providing Proton Therapy treatment through its innovative medical services approach.  By establishing a network of Proton Therapy providers around the world, SAH Care is able to provide Proton Therapy treatment to patients from anywhere in the world. For more information about SAH Care and treating cancer patients with Proton Therapy please contact: [email protected]

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