Dubai, UAE Tuesday, July 5, 2017 – SAH Global announced signing of an exclusive agreement with Coolshirt Systems for the MENA region and Europe. Through this agreement, SAH Global will distribute the Coolshirt Surgical Cooling System for medical use. The Coolshirt system is used by thousands of surgeons worldwide to regulate body temperature during surgeries. Additionally, Coolshirt can be used for quick cooling with blankets, vests or ponchos to serve patient needs.

“With signing of this agreement, SAH continues to bring cutting edge technologies to add to the arsenal of products in the fight against cancer in the MENA region,” remarked Faique Sayeed, COO of SAH Global. Jay Buckalew, CEO of Coolshirts stated, “We are excited to be signing this agreement with global leaders in Oncology to bring this innovative solution to the Middle East and Europe.”

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