Atlanta, USA – July 24, 2017 – SAH Care has implemented a new tool to further its practice of excellence. As of July 2017, SAH has implemented VisionTree Optimal Care (VTOC) for its patients. The new system improves communication of patient information and important clinical data to providers which can streamline workflow and result in more efficient delivery of care. It also empowers patients to report and communicate to their providers, the health issues that can impact care. This improves decision making for providers and can result in better outcomes for patients.

SAH Care physicians continually seek the most effective methods of collecting important data in real time in order to respond to emerging patient conditions. The benefits provided by the VTOC system in this regard were supported in a recent study presented during the 2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting. The study shows that  ‘’ …using a web-based reporting system that alerts the care team about (patient) problems leads to actions that alleviate suffering and improve patient outcomes. Symptom self-reporting engages patients as active participants and may improve the experience, efficiency, and outcomes of care. Electronic patient-reported symptom monitoring may be considered for implementation as a part of high-quality cancer care”.

SAH has partnered with VisionTree to help propel these best practices into each of our facilities, in the best interests of the patients we serve. The VisionTree platform delivers benefits to SAH Care patients by optimizing patient engagement with outcome driven pathways. It is an important improvement in the continuum of care, and supports the SAH Care mission, that the VTOC system improves the quality of life for patients by increasing communication between them and their care team members.

SAH Care is a leader in healthcare solutions for the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) regions.  As a patient-centric company, SAH Care focuses on providing the best treatment for each patient, prioritizing his or her well-being. SAH Care continually adopts innovative tools and systems that allow us to stay close to our patients wherever they are. We closely follow each individual’s clinical conditions and monitor ongoing care. These practices make our patients’ lives as easy as possible by facilitating communication, delivering informed decisions quickly, and advising them on the best treatments for life-threatening health issues.

About SAH Global
Strategic Alliance Holdings Global, LLC (“SAH Global”), is a holding company founded in 2005 to manage highly specialized investment projects within a variety of sectors, including software development, communications, healthcare, energy and real estate. The company targets projects based on their long-term growth prospects, their use of cutting-edge technologies, to positively impact the global community as a whole. The management team is a group of seasoned veterans from multiple industries led by founder, Mr. Feroz Agad, a seasoned entrepreneur with a strong track record of successfully implementing and leading new business ventures and taking these to profitability.

About VisionTree
VisionTree Software, Inc. is a leader in cloud-based, patient-centered health electronic medical records, communication and population health data management systems. The VisionTree Optimal Care™ (VTOC) patient data management and workflow platform is ARRA HITECH Meaningful Use certified for Stage 1 & 2 as a modular EHR and implemented at over 600 sites with 2.5M+ patients.

¹ Symptom Monitoring With Patient-Reported Outcomes During Routine Cancer Treatment: A Randomized Controlled Trial
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