Muscat, Oman – 11th September, 2014 – The Oman Cancer Association (OCA) and SAH Global
announced today at Oman Health that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to make the
next generation of cancer treatment, Proton Therapy, available to cancer patients in Oman. The
agreement promises to add Proton Therapy to the arsenal of treatments available to cancer sufferers in
the Sultanate of Oman. Through this agreement, Omani citizens and residents will gain access to a
cutting edge cancer treatment that provides a higher quality of life and few side effects to those
suffering from cancer.
The Oman Cancer Association (OCA) in conjunction with SAH Global, with the signing of this agreement will become pioneers of this treatment in the region. Through the agreement, SAH Global’s subsidiary SAH Care will coordinate end-to-end treatment through its partner center in the U.S. Consequently, Omani patients will receive high-quality care and service through all aspects of treatment and travel. Even though waiting time for Proton Therapy treatment can exceed 3 months in many cases, Omani cancer patients will benefit from SAH Care’s
network of providers to reduce time-to treatment to a matter of weeks.
The Oman Cancer Associations motto of “Repeated regular examination gives added diagnosis and high cure” has been instrumental in heightening cancer awareness in Oman. Yuther Al-Rawahi, Founder and President of OCA stated, “We support the work SAH is doing and with this MOU which will benefit both organizations and result in better service to the community at-large.” Feroz Agad, CEO of SAH Global said, “We commend the Hon. Yuther Al Rawahi and the Oman Cancer Association for all of the wonderful work they have done in the fight against cancer.” SAH is building the SAH Oman PET and Proton Center, which will be the first of its kind for the region, bringing the latest cancer treatment – Proton Therapy – to cancer sufferers in the region. Proton Therapy, pioneered in the U.S. is a less invasive form of radiation treatment that yields higher success rates and presents fewer risks of secondary tumors or damage to surrounding tissue. For these reasons, Proton Therapy is highly sought after for treating pediatric patients as well as other tumor sites, where surgery or traditional radiation therapy would cause more side effects, be less effective, or even in some cases impossible. Coupled with imaging technologies, such as PET/CTs, MRIs and a radioisotope production cyclotron from GE, the SAH Oman PET and Proton Center will provide a new arsenal of technology to fight cancer around the GCC. The SAH Oman PET and Proton Center will also serve as a training and education center for the region, hosting nurses, physicists, technologists, and physicians from around the world to come to Oman for training on the latest GE technologies.

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