Dubai, UAE – February 2nd, 2017 – Strategic Alliance Holdings Global, LLC (“SAH Global”) is proud to announce that it led the first Proton Therapy Hands-on Training session in the MENA region during the 2017 Arab Health Exhibition. As part of the SAH Global Proton Therapy Training and Education Series, SAH brought world renowned oncologists and leaders in advanced cancer treatments to train other physicians, physicists, dosimetrists and other oncology clinicians in attendance from around the world.

SAH speakers included world-renowned oncologists Dr. Allan Thornton and Dr. Andrew Chang. Along with other SAH experts, they presented four sessions across the four days of the exhibition.

Track 1: Proton Therapy Clinical Indications was presented by two of the most experienced Proton Therapy specialists in the world, SAH Global’s Dr. Allan Thornton, Radiation Oncologist Specialist, previous Medical Director for the Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute, US and Dr. Andrew Chang, Chief of Paediatric Radiation Oncology. The session provided physicians, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, haematologist oncologists, and others interested in the clinical side of Proton Therapy with a comprehensive hands-on experience in the clinical practice and application of Proton Therapy. Attendees reviewed various clinical cases in a tumor board setting and discussed the delivery of the treatment. Afterward, each attendee was able to draw volumes, be involved in the planning for real-live cases and get hands-on experience with a Proton Therapy treatment from start to finish.

Track 2: Proton Therapy Treatment Planning (Introductory & Advanced) was presented by Dr. AnneLise Giebeler, Medical Physicist, SAH Global, previous Medical Physicist with Scripps Health, USA. The session was designed as a special course for physicists and dosimetrists in need of increasing their understanding of treatment planning in Proton Therapy. The track began with an introductory course to Proton Therapy treatment planning that included hands-on training with real-live cases. Attendees were able to discuss and perform side-by-side comparisons of photon and proton plans. They also planned and optimized the delivery of Proton Therapy treatment using the next generation of treatment planning systems. The advanced course took attendees into an intermediate study of the subject matter.

Track 3:  Optimizing Patient Outcome Tracking and Workflow Optimization was presented by Martin Pellinat, CEO of VisionTree, (SAH Global is the exclusive global partner and distributor for Vision Tree). This session addressed the emerging focus to optimize patient engagement for meaningful use with improved quality and efficiency of care by integrating electronic patient reported outcomes (PROMs) in the clinical workflow. Attendees were provided use cases, results and lessons learned for the process of selecting PROMs, ways to define actionable data elements, how to deploy roles-based form alerts and APIs for secure messaging, and longitudinal, patient-centered outcomes reporting on a patient and aggregate level. The  session provided use cases utilizing the VisionTree Optimal Care (VTOC) v4.1 platform, which is implemented at over 600 sites globally, including 8 of the top 10 U.S. News and World Report Hospitals including MD Anderson and UCLA. Attendees received hands-on training using the VTOC platform to track and review electronic patient reported outcomes (ePROMs).

The SAH Proton Therapy Training and Education program brings 125 years of hands-on clinical Proton Therapy experience to the MENA region. It uses U.S.-based certification and partnerships with U.S.-based institutions to train staff of Proton Therapy centers in the technology and advanced science of Proton Therapy and PET & molecular imaging.

The training includes a combination of web-based, in-class, and hands-on training designed to meet the rigorous and highly specific needs of the various professionals that establish and operate Proton Therapy centers. Staff in radiation oncology, oncology nursing, medical physics, medical dosimetry, and therapy receive customized training.

SAH Global continues its efforts to meet the growing global demand for specialized cancer care. Training and educating expert staff is key to reaching that goal.

About SAH Global
SAH Global’s vision is commitment to the introduction of Proton Therapy as one of the primary solutions for cancer treatment in the Middle East and around the World.  SAH Global believes in building a strong sustainable society, and as such, will leverage the success of its global ventures to make long-term contributions to the community, promote the growth of their employees, and help create a greener environment. For more information about SAH Global and Proton Therapy please contact [email protected]

About SAH Care
SAH Care, a subsidiary of SAH Global, was formed to fill a niche-underserved market.  SAH Care is committed to providing Proton Therapy treatment through its innovative medical services approach.  By establishing a network of Proton Therapy providers around the world, SAH Care is able to provide Proton Therapy treatment to patients from anywhere in the world. For more information about SAH Care and treating cancer patients with Proton Therapy please contact: [email protected]

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