Don’t miss the Keynote Speech by Mr Feroz AGAD – Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of SAH Global & SAH Care – on November 13th in Dubai on the role of Proton Therapy in the Global Cancer Care System.

With the rates of newly diagnosed cancer cases increasing globally and cancer being amongst the world’s leading cause of death, the question arises “what must the global community do to win the fight against cancer?”
In order to tackle the issue at hand, the field of Oncology care is rapidly evolving with many organizations and institutions investing heavily in various advanced technologies and treatment modalities. Many patients are now well informed of the treatment options available. However, not all Cancer Centers are able to provide the most up to date treatment due to financial constraints and often times lack of expertise in niche treatment deliveries.
Our industry has reached a point of inflection and the need for integrated collaboration across facilities is more important today than it has ever been in order to provide the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

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